Collection: COLLECTION 4.0 x SHONG

Welcome to Cancer Szn!

The girls call me plain jane, always slipping into some sort of easy basics. If you asked me for my take on crop tops, I’d tell it’s not my go-to. My preference of clothing is fun, flowy and oversized. However, Cancer szn x Global warming is callin’ for crops! Being mid-sized, I love pairing it with high waisted bottoms—I feel that tight & loose combo makes me feel best! You can still wear a crop top and feel like you’re adequately covered. Calling all small figures, mid-sized and plus size gals—If you like it, wear it and embrace it!

Dedicating this collection to my little gems, my nieces. They make my life a little sweeter.

More to come, stay tuned!

Xoxo Shong